Stabila STAB-30816 Pocket Tape BM 100, 16' (5 M)


This tape measure should be your reliable, always close at hand companion throughout your workday. Thanks to its compact design and low weight, the BM 100 fits particularly well in your hand. The soft grip casing provides a firm grip and absorbs the shock upon impact in case it drops. The precisely readable scale makes it easier to mark objects. Tough enough for use on construction sites, its design is complemented by a strong brake and powerful blade retraction mechanism. 


  • Compact pocket tape with a cm/inch scale.
  • Non-breakable ABS case with a shock-absorbent soft grip cover protects the blade from impacts.
  • Ergonomic tape capsule for optimal handling.
  • Convenient brake button for easily pressing the push brake to stop or lock the blade.
  • Chrome-plated metal clip for easy attachment to your belt.
  • An eyelet integrated into the housing for attaching a wrist strap to prevent drops.
  • Robust coating protects the scale against wear.
  • Yellow blade coating ensures optimal readability even in bright sunlight.
  • Red tens for quick orientation and reading.
  • Imprinted 16" and 19.2" stud markers make it easier to work with stand mounts.
  • Start of the blade reinforced with a metal plate to prevent wear.
  • Adjustable starter hook for precise measurements.
  • An eyelet integrated in the hook prevents the blade from slipping.
  • Equipped with a strong spring for automatic, powerful blade retraction.
  • A gentle cushion on the blade return protects the hook.


  • Pocket tape measures are essential tools for all craftsmen and handymen in their daily work: taking measurements, calibrating, cutting material to size and checking lengths.