Stabila STAB-37500 Tech 106 T Digital Plate Level

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Where finding plumb is as simple as hearing a beep

Transform the way you and your crew frame with the new Tech 106 T. This recent edition to the Tech and plate level families takes the efficiency and durability of our standard plate level and combines it with the accuracy of our electronic Tech module. In addition to the electronic module, Stabila has engineered specialized wall grips, which use a spring-loaded system to secure the level between the top and bottom plates. With the level locked in place, and the Tech module emitting a tone relevant to plumb, the level can be left in place as the wall is adjusted to plumb without the need for a second person. Take this limited edition level to your next jobsite, and experience the unparalleled accuracy and efficiency of the Tech 106 T.

Modern technology advances the functionality of the Plate Level
The STABILA TECH 106 T Digital Plate Level is designed for precise plumbing of wood frame walls quickly and accurately:

Set the TECH 106 T into the frame (snap-ins are positioned at standard construction heights for ease of use).
With the acoustic guide switched on, hear an audible signal when the wall is plumb, especially useful when working away from the level.

TECH module: Technology enhances functionality
The addition of the TECH module in the TECH 106 T makes this plate level a state-of-art tool. Its electronic measuring technology and precision vials make work faster and more efficient. The integrated TECH module includes a digital readout and backlit screen, providing increased readability especially in low light environments. The dual illuminated digital displays can be read from both the side and the top. It conforms to IP 65, therefore, fully washable and dustproof.

Grid dimensions for the frame height
The snap-ins are positioned at the standard dimensions for wood frame construction. The spring-loaded bolt on the eccentric clamp engages precisely.

Specialized wall grips
With the new specialized wall grips the level holds itself in place, so your hands are free to adjust the frame to plumb – for fast and easy construction.

TECH sensor allows user to hear a tone for plumb
The addition of the TECH Module not only provides incredible accuracy, but can emit a tone to let you know when you’ve hit plumb without having to look at the spirit level. An auditory pulse quickens as you adjust until a flat tone goes off, signaling you have reached the desired adjustment.


  • Electronic module: Dust-proof and waterproof in accordance with IP 65. Electronic accuracy: At 0° and 90° = ± 0.05°, from 1° to 89° = ± 0.2 degrees.
  • Battery compartment lid: Uses 2-AA batteries.
  • 2 illuminated digital displays: Degree, % , rise and run in both inch and metric. Display decimal or fractional readings.
  • Vials – vertical and horizontal: 1 level vial, 2 plumb vials – plumb vials always at eye level. Vial accuracy guaranteed for life.
  • 2 measuring surfaces (only for non-fixed grippers): Powder coated for easy cleaning.
  • Telescopic extension: Positioning scale on both sides of the rail for visual reference from either side of the level. 6-sided extension rail delivers a smooth and rigid operation.
  • Snap-ins: With standard heights for wood frame construction.
  • Clamping lever with spring-loaded bolt: For locking the snap-ins.
  • Gripper: Patented plate grips allows hands free plumbing of walls.
  • Gripper with spring mechanism: Locks the plate level into the frame wall.
  • Hand grips at key heights for reduced fatigue and better balance and control on the job.