Stabila STAB-78396 Type 96M Magnetic 6pc Level Set & Case


The STABILA Type 96M 6 Level Set, featuring magnetic spirit levels in practical lengths of 16", 24", 32", 48", and 78" with a 10" Magnetic Torpedo will ensure that you’re perfectly equipped to take on your projects, whatever they may be. The Type 196 heavy-duty frames are designed to endure construction sites thanks to STABILA’s tried-and-tested quality. The tools’ key highlight comes in the form of the LOCKED VIAL system, which ensures long-term accuracy of the levels. The sturdy case keeps your measuring tools well protected during transport. STABILA – always a great choice for true professionals.


  • Type 96M Magnetic 6 Level Set & Case in lengths of 16", 24", 32", 48" and 78" and Magnetic Torpedo: heavy-duty, stable and non-slip aluminium profile.
  • Firm seat during marking thanks to integrated wall grips.
  • STABILA installation technology (LOCKED VIALS) ensures long-term accuracy – measuring accuracy is ±1/32" @ 72" in normal position and reverse position.
  • Comes with a STABILA 6-level case.