TAJ-GNB-265 Japanese Pull Saw 265mm 16TPI


The Tajima GNB-265 Japan Pull 10.5″ (265mm) Japanese Precision Replacement Pull Saw Blade is a high quality blades that will not disappoint you. The GNB-265 is a precision cutting replacement blade for all your woodworking needs. Tajima uses only premium grade steel and Japanese design for their triple-edge teeth which cut faster than normal blades. The GNB-265 are manufactured with Japanese Tempering which features a unique hardening process that results in blades with exceptional durability and cutting performance.  The Tajima GNB-265 blades are also feature spot hardening blade teeth to further enhance the cutting performance while not reducing the blade flexibility.


  • Premium-grade SK-95 blades
  • Impulse hardened triple-edge cutting teeth
  • Used for trimming, dovetailing, woodworking, finish cuts and fine wood cutting
  • Japanese style blades cut 3 times faster than normal blades
  • Spot hardened teeth enhance the cutting performance while maintaining blade flexibility
  • Japanese Tempered unique hardening process provide exceptional durability and cutting performance
  • Triple-edge cutting teeth made of impulse-hardened steel
  • High quality saws and blades from Tajima
  • Quick Release – Easy to install and remove blades from Tajima Handles