Tajima TAJ-CR101S-0 CHALK-RITE Auto ReWind Chalk Snap-line


Chalk-Rite Auto-Wind

  • Unique, auto-rewind chalk snap-line with extra bold premium-grade braided snap-line
  • Auto rewinds up to 23 ft., manual rewind for line extensions up to 32 ft.
  • Felt-lined metering sleeve evenly and thoroughly coats the snap-line with chalk
  • At-a-glance transparent chalk canister holds up to 1.4 oz (40 g) of chalk
  • Stainless steel mixing ball to prevent caking and keep chalk in prime condition
  • Compact design, fits comfortably in the palm of your hand
  • Also features a thumb line hold, easy-fill spout and a tool to facilitate line replacement