Tajima TAJ-VR-102B Retractable-Blade, one-piece knife, 3 x V-REX blades


Tajima VR-102B Retractable One Piece Knife w/3 V-REX Fluro-Coat Blades 


  • Rugged cast metal handle, contoured for optimal fit-in-hand, and with unique forefinger guards for added safety
  • Provides dependable, hassle-free operation with easy access for blade change, no loose parts to fall out, no unnecessary buttons or functions to fail
  • One-piece hinged handle design open easily with large thumb-screw knobs without need for a screwdriver
  • Magnetic blade retainer prevents accidental blade drop when handle is opened
  • Spring-loaded spare blades clip for safety, also ensures blades remain in prime condition while stored in the handle


  • Includes 3 V-REX premium utility knife blades
  • Premium Performance
  • Sharp Razar Black Blades
  • Japanese Tempered Steel
  • Optimized for Drywall