Tajima TAJ-CNV-900SP18 Convoy Super 18, High-Thrust R


Smooth and dependable caulk guns with rotating handles for maneuvering in and around tight spaces, extra-long barrels for hassle-free tube reloads, and featuring thrust system options to handle any material with ease.

High thrust caulk guns with extra-long barrels, 360° Rotating Handles with contoured grips, and extra-long seal puncture pins. For dispensing thick, viscous materials.


  • Enhanced SST
    • By increasing 20% of contact surface between plunger and valve plate, the thrust force is transmitted to the plunger without reduction, it results in higher durability.
  • 360° rotating handle
    • For maneuvering in and around tight spaces.
  • Stroke distance 15/64 in (6 mm)