Tajima TAJ-TBY-SH180 7" Combination Drywall Rasp Bi-Directional

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Tajima is a brand that holds the No. 1 share in the building tool industry that handles scale in Japan. Tajima has a belief that the quality of its products is important. Tajima's quality is not only high measurement accuracy, but also the profound feeling when looking at the product and the sense of security when holding it in the hand. Tajima's Convex has earned tremendous trust from people who have actually used Tajima products. In addition to convex, Tajima has also received high praise for harnesses, which are important protective equipment to protect the lives of workers. There are two types of tape materials used for Tajima's convex, steel and stainless steel. If you use it in a place where you are worried about getting wet, choose stainless steel convex. Also, for those who often stretch the tape for a long time, we recommend a convex with a thick core material called a rigid tape. There are six types of tape widths used for Tajima's convex, from 13mm to 228mm. In addition, Tajima's convex has various case functions. There is a convex armored case that protects you from the impact of a fall, and comes with a belt holder that prevents it from falling. There are also four types of lock functions: standard type, lock type, W lock type, and stop type. Tajima's product lineup offers a wide range of options to help you find the right product for your application.

The tetra teeth grabs the material and cuts 20% more than a fixed blade.
Non-slip elastomer grip for a secure hold.


  • Rust free, durable, Ceramic Blades ( 10 times more durable than metal rasp, compared to Tajima's metal blades )
  • Ideal for super hard gypsum boards
  • Angled rasping for any corners