Tajima TAJ-TMKB-C50 Ceramic Blade for Drywall Chamfer "Super Hard" TMK-KV45 0.7


Rust free, durable, Ceramic Blades(16 times more durable, compared to Tajima's steel blades)


  • Built with duration and quality in mind, Tajima's replacement blade ensures a prolonged and steady tool-life.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Metered as 20% more effective than traditional rasp blades, this tool is built for longevity. Capable of handling even the toughest gypsum board, Tajima's ceramic blade is 10x more durable than similar steel files.
  • FINE CERAMIC BLADE - Crafted out of quality ceramic material, Tajima's drywall rasp can stand up to abrasive friction without falter.
  • NON-RUSTING BLADE - Composed of high-quality ceramic material, this non-porous blade is rust-proof and does not retain odor. Ceramic's unique properties allow its edge to stay sharper over prolonged periods, and provides a lighter density than its steel counterparts.
  • A SAFER CUT - Tajima's ceramic blade offers a safe, yet equally effective cutting experience. Featuring a non-reactive blade that is gentler to the touch, Tajima's blade offers the advantages of a steel blade with the additional ingrained benefits of ceramic.