Templaco Tools Inc TEM-CB-4 1/2" Carbide Router Bit With 5/8" Bearing


Universal Hinge Mortising Bit with a 5/8” O.D. Top Bearing, carbide tips added for superior cutting quality and endurance. No need to use a router template guide. This type of router bit with the top mounted bearing will fit any router with a 1/4” collet and will also fit most all trim routers. All Templaco straight router bits are built with 'Micro-Grain' carbide and have a radial relief grind that makes for a stronger more durable cutting edge than a flat grind, and because there's more carbide, it can be sharpened more often. These router bits are produced in the same factory that produces those 'brand name' bits sold at twice the price. We guarantee the quality and the size of the cut and when you combine this bit with any Templaco Router Template, your mortises will be perfect every time. Note: When using this cutter with templates, the cutting depth is limited to 1/2”. When using this cutter with some Templaco Strike Templates the mortise depth is limited without the use of a double bearing on the cutter. Increase the cutting depth another .200” to .393” by adding another bearing and collar