Viking Arm VIK-0084 Cabinet Installation Kit


Viking Arm CIK is ideal for quick and precise installation of wall cabinets. This one man operation eliminates the need for a second (or third!) person to lift up to 60cm / 23.7 inch and hold an object up to 50 kg / 110lbs per kit in place. It gives the user the ability to work independently, fast, and with the precision of the Viking Arm. The CIK is made of light weight fiberglass PA and non slip/non scratch TPE. The kit comes with both a non slip/non scratch Base Pad and a Lifting Pad


  • Recommended load up to 50 kg/ 110 lbs
  • Non-Slip / Non Scratch Contact Surface
  • Made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (Soft to the touch and abrasive resistant protective contact point for all surfaces)
  • Offers greater strength, lighter weight, rigidity, and dimensional stability
  • Slide/snaps onto any Viking Arm
  • 3 levels of extension 240 450 mm, 315 525 mm, 390 610 mm
  • The telescopic extender is secured with a locking pin
  • Spare locking pin is included
  • Designed in Norway and made in Denmark