Wood Owl Drilling and Boring WO-037XX Nail Chipper 7.5in x 7/16in QC Tri-Cut Auger Bit

$17.99 - $39.99

Nail Chipper Tri-Cut Auger bits were designed with the electrician and plumber in mind. These triple-flute, triple-cut bits literally chip away at nails in studs or other materials while nearly eliminating the dreaded kickback. This also leads to higher job efficiency since the drilled hole will be cleaner to pull wires, conduit or pipe through without the need to ream and clean out the hole further. Balanced and wobble free, these bits will drill where you want them to.

  • Concentric, balanced & safer to use by minimizing kick-back
  • Turns nails to chips using a Tri-Cut design
  • Easily sharpened
  • 7.5" Length
  • 7/16" QC (Quick Change)