SILKY SIL-388-24 Woodboy 240 - Super Fine Teeth Saw

Silky Woodboy 240 - Super Fine Teeth Saw- 388-24

Silky has newly developed a folding type dovetail (Dozuki) saw for the first time, having a reinforced bar at the back of the blade. Overall length is 560mm, blade length 240mm, tooth pitch of 32 teeth per 30mm, 272 grams in weight and kerf 0.7mm.

The teeth are impulse-hardened and give a long lasting life. The blade cannot be resharpened but replacement blades are available. The change mechanism is very easy. The blade locks securely in two positions, for flush cutting.

Woodboy has a rubber coated aluminium handle that is comfortable to hold, that reduces vibration and offers really superior grip when the hands are wet, cold or when wearing gloves

Goes with Woodboy 240 Super Fine Teeth Blade - 389-24