Tytan TYTA-5898 Window & Door Insulating Foam Sealant 17oz


TYTAN’s no-bow technology fills large and small cavities while providing a water and airtight seal. TYTAN’s innovative formula provides superior R-value by stopping air infiltration and preventing heat loss. No harmful MDI emissions were detected during third party testing.


  • Expands to fill gap without bending, warping, or bowing window and door frames
  • Professional low pressure, low expansion formula to fill, seal, and insulate between window and door frames and their rough openings
  • AAMA Verified Component – Exceeds AAMA 812 Requirements.
  • All-Direction Dispensing – More Comfortable Application in Places that are Hard to Reach
  • Bonds and seals to common construction materials: wood, concrete, plaster, etc. controllable, quick, and efficient application
  • Repels and blocks moisture
  • Durable airtight seal – bonds, stops heat loss, and air infiltration
  • High long term insulation value - increases energy efficiency
  • Easier to transport and use than fiberglass
  • Shelf life 18 months


  • Wide range of interior and exterior sealing and insulating applications such as basement areas, attic areas and around cables, pipes, vents and duct penetrations:
  • For interior and exterior window & door installations
  • For filling and sealing all interior and exterior building gaps, cracks, and openings


  • Color pale yellow
  • Solvent before cure acetone
  • Odor odorless when cured
  • Tack-free time ≤10 min.,
  • Cutting time 1'' ≤60 min., max 24 hrs
  • Cure in 6 h, fully cured after 24 hrs