Denpo DENPO-LAT-T-17.5 Latch Template for Doors 17.5


Latch Template Jig

This innovative Latch Template allows an individual to do face mortise cut about any standard shape and size. it is a precision instrument that saves time, eliminates costly errors and provides a professional quality job. these template provide fourteen length sizes by simply moving the Adjustment Pin up or down according to length. “2¼”, 3⅞”, 4”, 4¼”, 4½”, 5½”, 5’¾”, 6”, 6⅜”, 6½”, 6¾”, 8” and 9¼”

Five different width sizes are available by adjusting the red guide stops in or out as needed for eider. ¾”, ⅞” 1”, 1⅛” and 1¼.

This unique template is made of 3/4″ Russian Baltic Birch Plywood 18mmV2SSMG 13 ply.

6/32 machine screws on the hinge guides are held by a metal insert into the wood base. ( U.S.A Patent; 4,553,336 )

Use template guide 17/32 I.D by 5/8 O.D with 1/2 router bit.