Denpo DENPO-SIN-H-T-17 Single Hinge Template for Doors - 17


Hinge Template Single Base

This innovative Hinge Template allows an individual to do mortise cut about any shape and size. It’s a precision instrument that saves time, eliminates costly errors and provides a professional quality job. This Template works for Interior and Exterior Jambs. this template gives you five different length sizes from 3½” to 5” for square corners as well ¼” and 5/8” radius. Total of ten different sizes by adjusting or rotating the guide to match the specific style. The Single Hinge Template works on doors from 1⅜, 1¾ and 2¼. a revolutionary design will speed the installation process.

This unique template is made of 3/4″ Russian Birch plywood face veneer. All inner 13 plies are solid Birch.

Use template guide 17/32 I.D. X 5/8” O.D. with ½” router bit. (USA Patent Pending)