IVAC IVAC-RS24020NA 240-Volt, 20A Pro Remote Switch Kit for Dust Collectors




Automate your dust collector with the iVAC Pro Dust Collector Remote Switch! Choose the Remote Switch that matches your dust collector's voltage, and enjoy the convenience of a remote control unit to turn your dust controller on and off with the press of a button. iVAC allows you to grow into a complete iVAC Pro system, including Tool Sensors and Blast Gates, and it's capable of reliably driving 240V dust collectors up to 2HP repeatedly ON/OFF over and again - now that's real power!


Fully certified and approved with TUV safety approval and conforms to UL-CSA standards
Heavy-duty design for 20A operation of dust collectors up to 2 HP at 240V
iVAC Pro Switch built for repeated use with high quality mechanical relay components
Uses high quality digital wireless system with 40' range
Package contents: 240V iVAC Pro Switch and iVAC Pro Remote