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Automated Dust Control for your Health, Safety and Convenience

Onsite Applications
The iVAC Switch Box is intended for use in Onsite applications, where typically only 115Vac services are available.

It removes the distraction of turning a dust collection system on and off while operating potentially dangerous power tools.

This iVAC module is intended to be used in conjunction with a Shop Vac or small dust collector system and an associated power tool.

The power tool can range from a high power table saw down to a low power drill; in fact most 115volt power tools that generate dust.

From a safety aspect, the iVAC Switch Box avoids distraction, by automatically controlling the dust collection system, which it in turn reduces the hazard of airborne dust in the work area.

From a convenience aspect, the iVAC Switch Box has several features that are described in detail in the User Guide.