Tenryu TEN-MP-255100AB 10" 100T, ATAFR, -3 Degree Mitre Saw Blade

TENRYU'S ultimate woodworking blade for miter saws and radial arm saws
TENRYU responds to customer demand! We now have a line of blades specially designed for high performance and heavier duty applications on miter saws, slide-miter saws and radial arm saws. These are our "Cadillac/Mercedes" grade miter saw blades.

TENRYU'S proven, super-true, laser-cut, hand tensioned steel plate with new and improved, patented, resin bond-filled expansion slots ensures smooth, accurate and quiet cuts.

SlotsSpecially designed, top-quality, micrograin carbide tips, honed to a precision edge with 600 grit diamond wheels cut clean and easy.

Zero degree hook angle prevents lifting of workpiece but does not make your saw overwork. The result is a safe, chip-free and smooth cut.

Fully-hardened, expertly-tensioned tool steel bodies for true and accurate cuts.
High-grade, fine grain carbide tips for long life.
Super-fine grit honing of carbide edge for clean, smooth cuts.
Additional resin bond-filled expansion slots for even quieter cutting.

Blade Size: 10"
Tooth Count: 100
Arbour: 5/8"
Tooth type: Alternate top, Alternate face with racker (ATAFR)
Kerf: .110"
Rake: -3

Use this blade when super-smooth cuts are needed, especially in thinner stock.