Tytan TYTA0739 Gun-Pro Foam Gun


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TYTAN PROFESSIONAL GUN PRO for professional application of PU-gun-foams in mounting window and door frames, filling, sealing, insulation in building industry


  • Metal body
  • Teflonised basket
  • Perfect handling due to ergonomic handgrip
  • Economic foam consumption by a adjustable flow rate
  • An exclusive design
  • Easy foam output control
  • Secured backscrew (patented solution)
  • Needle stabilization (patented solution)
  • New basket internal diameter, resulting in higher output
  • High durability


Hand Grip Plastic
Trigger Metal
Body Aluminum
Barrel Coating Nicklated
Basket Aluminum
Basket Coating Teflonised
Needle Metal
Needle Coating 1/2 Teflon
Nozzle Material Metal
Nozzle Coating No
Ball Material Teflon
Ball Sealing System Teflon ring