Odies Oil ODI-OSFSP32OZ 32 Oz Solvent-free Penetrating

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Odie's Solvent-free Super Penetrating Oil

An Environmentally Friendly, Extraordinary Finish and Stabilizer.


  • A thinner version of Odie's. Easy to apply formulation for difficult, large or rough surfaces.
  • Use on Wood, Stone, Concrete, Clay, Brick, Metal, Plastic, Leather.
  • Great for Automobiles to Log Cabins.
  • Waterproofs, Rustproofs, Rejuvenates, Restores, Beautifies, Seals and Protects.
  • Easy spray, brush, wipe or roll application!
  • The finish for every application! Non-toxic, No Heavy Metals
  • Comes in 32 oz. glass jars.
  • *When possible, for ultimate protection, use Odie's original formula.

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