Tytan TYTA-0993 24oz Foam Bond 60 Foam Adhesive


TYTAN Foam Bond 60 PRO Foam Adhesive’s innovative formula bonds architectural foam shapes and foam panels fast! It does not contain solvents so it does not have an offensive odor and is safe for all foams. It bonds after 60 seconds and is secure after 5 minutes. It performs well on damp surfaces and has excellent bond strength on a range of popular construction materials. The TYTAN PRO applicator reduces body strain and allows you to work faster compared to using a conventional cartridge applicator. It cures by the moisture in the air, so high humidity speeds up the curing process. 


  • Industries
    • Architectural Foam
    • EIFS
    • SIPs
    • Residential Insulation
  • Materials
    • XPS Board
    • EPS Board
    • Polyiso board
    • Foam to Foam
  • Applications
    • Foundation Foam Board
    • Exterior Sheathing Foam Board
    • Block Wall Foam Board
    • Wood or Steel Stud Wall Foam Board
    • Attic Cavities
    • Wall Cavity


  • Can Temperature: 41°F-95°F
  • Ambient Temperature: 32°F-95°F
  • Fully Cured: 24 Hours
  • Shelf Life: 12 Months