Dimar DIM-10-50 COM 10in 50-Teeth C/T Combination Saw Blade

DIM-10-50 COM
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BIS-L12-7/8,FRE-D1260X,SAW-TSBC-10R3,BIS-BF-PAS16200,BIS-L13-1,DIM-10-24 RIP,BIS-B18/25,BIS-L11-3/4,FRE-LU97R010,BIS-L15-5M

All purpose blade designed for ripping, cutting along and across the grain for easy feed in softwood, hardwood, plywood, chipboard and particle board. The fifth raker tooth is designed to give a clean medium quality cut. For radial arm and table saws.


  • Carbide tipped for maximum performance
  • Combination Design with a 15° hook angle for ripping, cutting along, and across the grain
  • Large Gullets in front of flat top rakers produces high-speed ripping as well as easy chip removal


  • Diameter 10in
  • Teeth 50
  • Kerf (B) .134in (3.4mm)
  • Bore 5/8in
  • Grind COMB- Combination Saw Blades
  • Hook Angle 15°