Ecopoxy EP-FLK Flowcast Kit

$104.99 - $1,459.99

New & Improved Formulation
You asked, we listened. We're excited to announce a new product, FlowCast.

Revolutionizing our Liquid Plastic,

FlowCast is designed from the ground up for casting pours. It is similar to Liquid Plastic in most usability aspects but we are pleased tell you that it has higher bio-content and vastly improved resistance to crystallization!

FlowCast is easier for makers to work with. FlowCast features a lower viscosity, allowing more air bubbles to escape during curing, as well as allowing it to soak deeper into the wood for a stronger bond.

Same Features You Love and More
FlowCast features everything you love about Liquid Plastic and more:

  • Much higher crystallization resistance
  • Lower viscosity, making it easier to pour
  • Improved bubble release
  • Enhanced clarity
  • Increased bio-content
  • Same 2:1 mix ratio
  • Same pour depth
  • Versatile use