Pica-Marker PICA-3097 Dry Value Pack 2x Pencil + Color & Extra Hard Refills


Two PICA Dry Automatic Pencils and Two Refill Sets Value Pack for Clear, Versatile Markings. The Dry Long-life automatic pencils actively prevent lead breakage due to their sturdy design. Also, the pencils come with 2.8mm thick leads that provide higher durability than the normal 1.2 to 1.9mm mechanical pencil leads. This value pack includes two Dry Long-life automatic pencils, a set of ten 4030 graphite-lead refills, and a set of eight 4040 water-resistant refills of colors green, white, and blue. The push-in mechanism helps you push in the lead with a gentle press. The pencils have a neon-green high-visibility holder, and on the holder, there is a unique 2-catch point clip that lets you fix it onto your pockets or tool belts. This allows for easy one-hand access to the marker, enabling on-the-go marking. The leads come in different colors that help you make bold and contrast markings on a wide variety of materials of various colors. Even on dark surfaces, these graphite leads give you legible strokes. Besides, the pencils have a patented built-in sharpener to provide you with the narrowest sharp tips. With these pointed tips, you can make detailed markings on confined spaces hassle-free. PICA 3097 solid-lead automatic pencils with replaceable leads can be used on most surfaces, whether they are wet or dry or dusty or oil. The pencils also work great on both rough and smooth surfaces, and from smooth surfaces, you can wipe away the markings with a damp cloth if you wish. Just a single stroke gives you the boldest markings, enabling faster operations. The holder has a narrowing design that allows the pencils to reach tight spots where the conventional pencils or markers cannot go.


  • PICA Dry Long-life automatic pencils eliminate lead breakage with their tough design.
  • The 2.8mm diameter leads provide greater longevity than the standard 1.2–1.9mm leads.
  • The pencils offer a push-in mechanism where you can push in the lead with a gentle press.
  • The clip provided on the neon-green holder allows you to fasten it on pockets/tool belts, offering one-hand access to the pencils.
  • Sharp, pointed tips help you make detailed markings on confined spaces.


Marks on almost all surfaces, no matter if dry or wet, glossy or rough, dusty or oily


  • PICA Dry Long-life automatic pencils and refills value pack includes two pencils, a set of eight water soluble refills (4020) in assorted colors, and a set of ten H graphite refills (4050) for precise fine dry surface markings.
  • The push-in pencils have a neon-green holder with a 2-catch point clip.
  • The pencils have a patented built-in sharpener that helps you get sharp-tipped leads.
  • With a single stroke, you get the boldest and darkest markings, promoting quicker operations.


  • (2) Dry Longlife Automatic Pencils.
  • (1) 4020 8/Pack Water Soluble Refill Assorted Colors.
  • (1) 4050 10/Pack H Graphite Dry Refill for precise marking.